Re: IIS 4.0 FTP or Frontpage 98 Server Extension/RadiusNT/SQL Authentication.

Michael Watson ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:50:15 -0500

>I was told by Microsoft that IIS 4.0 FTP and Frontpage is capable of
>authenticating via an ODBC Database. If anyone was able to get this
>could you please help me with getting this set up. I checked Microsoft's
>Support section and I can not obtain any info about this.

I've not actually seen that this can be done with FP, and I've been running
it for quite some time, but perhaps MS snuck it in there as a new feature
and I didn't catch it.

You can, however, use ASP to do exactly this. There is a product (free)
called ASPLogin that authenticates thorugh ODBC. It requires that all of
your pages be .ASP pages and that you have a simple piece of code embedded
at the top of each page. It is very simple, the source code is provided,
and it works...if you can use ASP. With ASP being a free component of IIS
4.0, I recommend it highly.

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Michael S. Watson
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