Re: How do I disable the IE content advisor ?

Martin ( (no email) )
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 11:05:48 -0400

Yes use Netscape. I am dead serious. I do not like IE nor do I like it=
security structure. I had to uninstall IE 4.0 and reinstall it because=
the browser kept insisting that I could not view a page on our intranet.=
WTF is that about?

But when designing, make sure you make pages that work with both browsers.=
It would be nice if every site out there designed IE crashers. This=
would make IE less popular and we would not have any more problems with=
Microsoft trying to conquer the browser world. Now microsoft and Real=
Networks are in a nice battle. Try installing the G2 player on your=
computer. USE IT. Now install the new media player by microsoft. Your=
G2 player will no longer work.

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On 7/29/98, at 10:57 PM, Danny Sinang wrote:

>A customer of mine can't use his IE 3 because someone entered a password=
>the Content Advisor admin settings.
>And he can't uninstall IE 3 either because it came with Windows 95.
>Anybody know how to get rid of the password ? Any files or registry=
>that need to be poked ?
>- Danny Sinang