Re: PM2, Cisco and Multi-link PPP

Martin ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 21:30:42 -0400

Get tcp/ip from o'reilly and associates.


After you read that get tcp/ip for NT (i'll send you the publisher when I=
find the book at home)
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On 7/28/98, at 2:06 AM, Dan Waldron wrote:

>Thanks for that Dale! :-) Can anybody recommend any good books on=
>and routing? I found TCP/IP for Dummies quite useful, but er, limited in
>it's scope!
>Dan Waldron
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>Subject: Re: PM2, Cisco and Multi-link PPP
>>Dan Waldron wrote:
>>> After a lot of drama, we found that apparently the Multilink in NT was
>>> compatible with a PM2. It cost me $220 for M$ to answer this question=
>>> course!
>>Next time just ask Me and I will only charge you $100. :) The PM2
>>used a line load blancing thing (sorta a round robin) where it assumes
>>and interfaces are the same speed and capacity. This is compatable
>>with a a linux hack of the same name. A buffer limitation of the PM2
>>doesn't allow it to do MLPPP on the sync ports. The PM3 however can
>>do MLPPP on an async connection.
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