Re: PGP mailer

Greg Stark ( )
28 Jul 1998 13:38:31 -0400

"Martin" <> writes:
> >Does anyone know if there is a software package out there that will take
> >data from an SSL form, get appropriate public key and send an e-mail
> >message (with the encrypted data) to the customer. I have seen many
> >packages for unix systems, but none for NT. Any help would be appreciated.

I would be interested too if anyone has a COM object out there.

Otherwise I would suggest you write a perl ASP or CGI page. Perl can
fork out to external executables and there are modules for handling
SMTP internally, which you need because there's no standard equivalent
to /usr/lib/sendmail on NT.

There's no particular reason to write it as an ASP instead of a CGI.
People will undoubtedly claim there's a performance advantage, but
that's completely irrelevant if you're doing something relatively slow
like signing or encrypting a message. (Even on NT where fork is
excruciatingly slow: the real reasons threads are so popular on NT.)