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Subject: A delicate issue
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From: Jo PIKE
Date: 07/15/98 03:31 PM
To: Melanie OGLE,Jo TURNER,Cherri MCGOVERN,Mark WHITE,Lili
Subject: A delicate issue
Three late-aged circus midgets were sitting around one day talking about
their lives. One said to the other two, "You know, I am nearing the end of
my life and am feeling empty. I wish I had accomplished more in my
lifetime so people would remember me someday." The other two sighed in
agreement. After a few weeks of feeling empty, one of the midgets came up
with an idea. "You know, we do have something unique! Your hands are the
smallest I've ever seen (looking towards the first midget), and you,
(looking towards the other midget) have the smallest feet. And I'll bet
you that I, unfortunately, have the smallest penis.
We should see about getting our names in the Guinness Book of World
Records!" The other two midgets agreed. Later that day they traveled
downtown to the headquarters of the Guinness Book of World Records. Sure
enough, 1/2 hour later the first midget came out carrying a big banner and
certificate. "I did it! I did it! I am in the book. I have the smallest
hands in the world!" The second midget went in. He came out waving his
banner and certificate in excitement.
"I do have the smallest feet in the world, I am in the record books
forever!" Finally, the third midget went in. Minutes later, he came out.
He was empty handed and looked all disappointed. "What happened?" the
other two midgets asked. The midget replied: "Just who the hell is Terry


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