RE: Self deleting files with IIS4 and War FTP daemon

Richard Davey ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:43:19 +0100

> I have seen this as well with IIS4. One thing I did was turn off

Does it have any other strange file destroying "features" I should know

> server to cleint keep alives. This resolved the problem for me.

Thank you - I will try this for the meantime, at least until I can ditch the
NT server and replace it with a FreeBSD one. I'm totally fed up with MS
products not working they way they should, or at least being so

> Also, why are you using war-ftp daemon? (someone likes tucows :) ).

Because the FTP Server side of IIS is so basic its unbelievable. There are
many fundamental things missing that War FTP daemon supports with ease.

> Did your files at least show a 0 byte size?

No, they literally vanished (were deleted). I had the web browser open on
the page, uploaded the index file, received an error message from the ftp
client about permission problems and within 10 seconds the file visibly
vanished from the Windows Explorer window I had open.

That's scarey.

Cheers for your advice.

Richard Davey
Kaliba Systems Ltd.