Re: game servers

Martin ( (no email) )
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 13:10:48 -0400

Carlos I can get you set up with quake at least.
Call 212-242-2912 after 7:00 pm edt and I'll put some files up for you to=
start out with.

You will need a full version of quake. You also need to make a new=
directory called modules (those are the files I will give you). A copy of=
winquake (available from id software but I have it as well - freeware).=
Two utiliies called qhost and qview available from

qhost is used to administer the quake sever via qview. Qhost will also let=
you run it as a service.

If you do not want qview or qhost just get winquake and my modules files=
and run this from the command line.

winquake -dedicated 16 -game modules -winmem 16

which means
16 players using modules (ctf) and 16 megs of ram.

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On 7/20/98, at 1:55 PM, Carlo Gibertini wrote:

>I like to offer to my costumers the possibility of play games on-line,=
>doom, quake and others, but I cant find anything about game servers for=
>Any direction?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Carlo Gibertini