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Discount    PC  Lansing

200+  COMPUTERS  For Sale Due to  Corprate Upgrades !

New products have 1 year  warranties. Refurbisheddesktop computers feature  4 month warranties. Laptops feature one month warranties.  All warranties include parts and labor.   TERMS:  Cashier's check.  Mastercard, VISA .


12.1" Display
32M Memory
3.2G Hard Drive
33.6K Modem
20X CD-Rom Drive
3yr labor/ 1yr parts warranty

Compare to $2399 Compaq, IBM

New! Pentium II 300 Mhz (Save $300) - $1499
300 MHZ Intel Pentium II Processor, 64MB SDRAM,
4.3GB HD, 15" SVGA Monitor, 32X CD-ROM,
16-bit 3D sound card, 60 WATT Amplified speakers,
56K Data/Fax modem, 4M ATI xpert AGP 3D video,
Windows 98, 3.5" FDD,
Keyboard, Mouse & power cords
Full 1 Yea!r warranty.

Brand New...Manufact.Overstock!

DELL Pentium 90 mhz - $549
Windows 95,
4X CD-ROM, 16-bit sound,
28.8K modem, 3.5" FDD, Keyboard, Mouse, Windows 95
14" SVGA Monitor

4 month warranty
22 Units Remaining

DELL Pentium 133 mhz - $649
32MB RAM, 1GB HD, 4X CD-ROM 28.8K data fax modem,  Windows 95 3.5" FDD, Keyboard, Mouse,
Dell 15" SVGA Monitor

4 month warranty
15  Units Remaining 
Color Laptop
DELL  486-100 mhz - $499

10" Color Display, 20MB RAM, 500MB HD, 3.5" FDD, Windows95
one  month warranty

10 Units Remaining!

To Order, Call Your Discount  PC Lansing Rep: at (517) 887-3038

Discount PCLansing, a Global Link Technology company
Discount PC, Lansing  -  5525 S. Cedar  -   Lansing, MI   48911