Re: nt 40 install failure

Phillip Heller ( (no email) )
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 23:09:47 -0400

Yes, Fat32 will do it, and there is one other problem that I'm aware of. NT
is apparently a little pickier about IRQ/IO conflicts than DOS is. I
formatted and repartitioned under DOS, and every time I booted I got the
same error "can't find MSDOS partition".

Eventually, I tracked it down to the only piece of hardware that wasn't in
the machine prior to this install (it was a reinstall, so I knew the machine
functioned before). Turns out the SMC EtherEZ card that was in the machine
was conflicting with the Adaptec SCSI card, and while DOS didn't really
mind, NT was a little upset about it.

Good luck!


>You wouldn't happen to have answered "Yes" to Fdisk to use Fat32?

>At 07:33 PM 16-07-98 -0400, Mark DeWar wrote:
>>I am trying to install nt40 on a new machine. but everytime it gets ready
>>install it says can't find the ms-dos partion made to install nt.
>>So i fdisked and formatted. did no good. just fdisked it. no good.
>>what does this error mean and how do i continue on.