Re: banned from chat-servers - what to do?

John Lange ( )
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 10:56:57 -0500


First thing to check is that you have DNS set up for your dial in ports
and all systems on your network. If you are using a proxy server make
sure that it is set up properly.

If you used to be able to do chat & now you can't, check with the web
sites for those chats for an admin address. Be kind, and ask if there is
a problem, and if they will help you work it out. If you have a customer
that has been abusing the chats, I would determine who it is, and 1st
warn him. If that customer still acts up, SEND HIM ON HIS WAY. That
person will just cause you more problems.

My 2c worth

JOhn :}

At 04:27 PM 7/16/1998 +0200, you wrote:


<excerpt><color><param>0000,0000,8080</param><smaller>It's OT, but I need
help with "chat-servers". I am a very small ISP, but do not know much
about chat, because I don't use it myself. Now my problem is, that all my
IPs seem to be banned from most available chat-servers (don't know why),
i. e. the servers from microsoft.

Where can I get infos why this has happened? Is there something like a
"chat-server-master" to whom I can mail and ask what to do. Can anybody
give me some mail-addresses?





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