Re: IIS4 stop service

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:36:13 -0400

> From: Wilawal Malainual <>
> I've problem with IIS4 which it's stopped service by itself. I must
> restart computer for solving this problem. Any help ?

Our IIS4 never stops itself, but on occasion it will refuse to stop if I go
into Control Panel --> Services and stop World Wide Web Publishing (or
whatever it is). When this happens, I get an error saying that it failed
to respond within a reasonable amount of time or something and the
inetinfo.exe is still lurking around as a running process. At this point,
I find out what the process ID is, open up a command prompt and
kill 123 (or whatever the ID is)
since "ending the process" gives me an access denied.
The kill.exe file (35kB) comes with the Windows NT Resource Kit.

No reboots are necessary.

Josh Hillman