Usage Metering in Cybercafe

bp ( (no email) )
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 23:49:06 +0200


Our company now owns a Cybercafe and we want to track PC-usage via software.
The machines run on WIN95 and some are WIN-NT.
I'd like to track several applications (games, office, internet...)
seperately in groups (different prices)
Best way would be the spec. user logs in then he is charged standard price,
if he uses some spec. apps he is charged the additional ammount for this...

Other ideas welcome too ;-]
Maybe You can point me into the right direction....

T.I.A. Bernd

P.S. If You know an application that saves the accounting data into a
database for later charging on a central PC - this woul dbe great. Otherwise
I had to code this whole stuff myself and this WILL be timeconsuming... :-(

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