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Gregory Gooden ( "Gregory )
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 16:49:37 -0700

You may want to check out VPRRS (Vircom's Proxy and Roaming Radius

You can authenticate against multiple sources and other radius servers..
(username@domain1.com and username@domain2.com, etc.)...

http://www.vircom.com for that stuff. I use it and I'm VERY pleased with
it, and their email server.


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> We are currently working on a project, and I have a question
> for you all. I
> am wanting to use various ISP's as hosts for my service. I
> need a way to
> have my customers dial-in to the host ISP's existing term
> servers, and then
> have the term server point the customer to a specific gateway where my
> server is located. In other words, they can utilize the same
> dial-up number
> but have two servers offering two different types of service.
> I beleive
> this is similar to what Earthlink, AOL, all the big boys do.
> Any help would
> be great !!
> Chuck Scott