Your car battery is dead...

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Sun, 5 Jul 1998 06:30:34

Power Technology Inc, has developed a revolutionary "power
battery" which will replace traditional lead acid batteries in
the automotive industry.

Scientist/inventor,Alvin Snaper,who invented the IBM
selectric ball and Tang,as well as several hundred other
patented inventions.

This product solves the dilemma of how to develop the eletric

The company is trading on the NASDAQ BB OTC under symbol
PWTC and is a great for those who recognize what this means for
the automotive industry.The stock is trading around $2 and we
look for a substantial increase over the next 60 days.

Get in on the ground floor by contacting your broker to get some
PWTC shares while these levels are still available.

For futher information please call 1-800-600-0343 ext.2470
or visit their web site at
<A HREF="">http://www.po</A></HTML>