Re: IIS locking files

Cyberop ( )
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 08:59:13 -0700

I have IIS4 and it was doing the same thing last night. i found that my
wife was proofing the page i was working on and she kept reloading the
page. I have to timeout set to 900 seconds as soon as I got her to stop
looking at it and go look at something else i got in fine.

At 01:06 PM 7/2/98 PDT, you wrote:
>We're using IIS 3.0 for our web server. We seem to have a lot of
>problems with files getting locked. When we try to work on
>popular websites we can't update files because the webserver
>seems to have them locked. A lot of times we can't even use
>WindowsNT Explorer to delete the files unless we turn off the web
>server first.
>Does anybody have any ideas on how to get around this? While
>searching the Net for soultions, I found a registry modification
>that somebody mentioned. I tried to contact them to see if it
>worked and what negatives were involved. Unfortunately, their
>email address no longer works.
>This is what they proposed:
>Has anybody tried this or found any other solutions?
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