RE: VopMail or MailSite

Daryl Maunder ( )
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 21:06:38 +1000

Touchy touchy.

Product sounds good anyway.

On Saturday, July 04, 1998 7:00 AM, Richard Lachance []
> John,
> > It looks like vopmail has just cloned our successful product, MailSite.
> > Imitation is the best form of flattery :-)
> Let's give credit where it is due. Both VOPMail and Mailsite have licensed
> the same mail application from the University of Edinburgh, hence the
> similarities between them. Also under the guise of honesty, the years of
> rock solid improvements in Mailsite are by far the product of the
> development efforts of the University...
> It is also ironic to note that many of the IMAP improvements in your most
> recent version of Mailsite were the result of testing and development on
> VOPMail. We chose to communicate these bugs and their fix back to the
> University and they trickled through into Mailsite.
> We started the VOPMail project in February '98 and formed an in-house team
> of developers commited to the product. Since then, we have added the
> following features (that are not available in Mailsite):
> - Full local recipient verification: This simple feature verifies that a
> local mailbox exists before accepting an email. By refusing the email
> immmediately, the bounce message is generated by the remote SMTP server,
> instead of the local one, limiting the performance hit of mail bombing and
> incoming spams.
> - Spam filter: Any portion of the SMTP transaction and any header in the
> email can be used to filter spam. Since the verification is done at
> reception, the email is refused immediately and the bounce message must
> generated by the remote SMTP server, again reducing the impact of spam.
> - Spam filter API: there is room for multiple spam filters active in VOPMail
> at the same time. Anti-spam services and other developers can use this API
> to extend the spam filtering of VOPMail.
> - RADIUS authentication: A RADIUS client was added to VOPMail, able to
> interface with any RADIUS server, local or remote, NT or Unix based. All
> ISPs can then integrate their dial-up services with their Mail services.
> The following features are currently in development for VOPMail and will be
> released during July:
> - HTML Email interface: Users will be able to read & send emails directly
> from within a WWW browser. This feature