Robert W. Downard ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 09:01:31 -0500

Richard Lachance wrote:
> > Our RAID 5 array is configured as a single logical drive, which appears
> > to NT as a single large disk, which we broke up into several NTFS
> > partitions.
> I'm curious about the reasoning behind setting up different partitions; what
> prompted you to do that? How is having different partitions affecting the
> performance (ie the physical head movements of the disks)?

The OS won't live on a partition larger than 2G. We set up a separate
partition for the paging file to facilitate easy defragmentation and we
set up seperate partitions for our productions apps and test apps to
keep thing seperate. As far as performance, this is hardware RAID. All
of the partitions are striped across all of the drives in the array, so
it doesn't make any difference if you have one partition or ten. Every
time a read or write operation is done, all of the drives in the array
are accessed because the data is striped across the entire array.

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