Livingston Help

Gregory White ( (no email) )
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 12:50:16 -0700

I have two portmasters that I need some configuration help with. The first
is a PM3 with a 24 channel CT1 connected to it, and the other is a PM2e30
with 6 analog lines connected. Essentially, we have 30 ips left in a C
block and I want the PM3 to take the first 24 ips for its dialup lines and
the PM2 to take the other 6. For example:

PM3 uses
PM2e30 uses

The problem is that when I configure the PM2 ip pool to start at 94, it
will choose any IP between 94 and 123, which conflicts with other IPs
already in use. How do I get the PM2 to only use those 6?

Thank you,

Greg White
Network Operations Manager
Direct NET Communications