Re: Networked Desktop Duplication

Mike@NetDotCom ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:46:30 -0400

Try DriveCopy, DriveImage or Partition Magic from Power Quest.

We have used all of the above to duplicate hard drives.

Create one master configured the way you want it, then use one of the above
to knock off as many copies as you need.

You will need to change machine names, IP addresses, etc but it does work.
We used the above methods to duplicate several hundred for local schools.


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Subject: Networked Desktop Duplication

>Hi all -
>We recently obtained a contract to incorporate a
>dozen or so identical machines w/o cd drives, into
>a NT network with alot of access, document and application
>Can anyone recommend a cost effective and sound desktop
>duplication software for WIN95.
>Your imput is greatly appreciated.
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