Windows NT Real-time Data Backup.

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*** Windows NT Real-time Data backup ***

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"When Losing One Day of Work is Not an Option ..."

BXCOPY is a Real-time Data Backup Tool, designed exclusively for the
Microsoft Windows NT Operating System, version 4.0 or higher.
BXCOPY is designed to protect critical information and data files at
any moment in time, making your work and important files crash-proof.
How does BXCOPY work?
BXCOPY runs on the background at idle priority, watches for any data
changes and automatically mirrors these changes to any number of
predefined local or remote backup targets.

This way BXCOPY protects data only when it is actually needed,
keeps backup sets always identical to the original data and does not
impact performance of Windows NT system and application software.

Other backup tools work only during the predefined periodic
schedules. Many Windows NT users and even system administrators
underestimate the fact that, in case of a serious system crash,
all data that has been added or modified in between scheduled
backups will be lost!
BXCOPY as a Real-time backup solution was designed to overcome
this major deficiency of conventional backup software.

BXCOPY supports UNC names, major rotation backup schemes,
incremental, differential, or full backups.
BXCOPY is fully Year-2000 compliant software.
BXCOPY is now supported by Open File Manager from St.Bernard Software.
Open File Manager is the most economical and complete product that
allows BXCOPY to capture all open files reliably and easily.

First published in 1997, BXCOPY is already being used by hundreds
of individuals, corporate, government and military customers
across North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Middle Eastern
Retail price for the latest release of BXCOPY is USD $79.
Full Unlimited single user license can be ordered directly through
MENSK Technologies WEB page at:

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