No Domain Controller

WINNT ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 16:53:29 +1000

Hello List,

I have a very weird problem with dial in into a NT4 Server SP3.
The server is running RRAS+MSProxy2+Exchange 5.5 + 4port equinox with 3

User1 has a notebook connected to network via RJ45 or modem and can log into
the domain fine.
User2 has a PC at home and can also dial into the domain via modem only
If user1 uses user2's pc they get a message saying "No Domain controller
available to validate your password".

All workstations are WIN95 OSR2 and running TCP/IP assigned by DHCP.
Their is only 1 NT server on the network.

I cannot understand why the user1 can work fine both on the network and
modem on their notebook but not on user2's pc. user1/2 are married and need
dual access.
If we bypass the domain error they login and can get their mail but they
also need to access files which wont happen unless they get validated by the

I think that WIN95 is somehow cacheing the users and screwing up the


Malcolm Joosse
Technical Director
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