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Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:11:15 -0400

Users don't have to log onto NT's DOMAIN to gain Internet access, for
one. If you have 100 phone lines coming in, your NT servers have to have
at least 100 client licenses, plus enough for shares. With RADIUS,
they're never logging onto the NT box proper -- just to the Internet
service you provide, via RADIUS.

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<excerpt><bigger>This may seem a rather elementary question, but, why
would I want to use RADIUS authentication of users as opposed to NT's
user authentiation? I'm not using a router, I'm using NT's inbuilt
router capabilities, which have been working well for me for two years
now so I have yet to be convinced on changing.</bigger> <bigger>Perhaps
there are some major benefits that I do not yet know about?</bigger>
<bigger>Rgds</bigger> <bigger>Dan</bigger> size=2>


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