SCSI CD ROM and Event 9's

Bill Appledorf ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 01:36:48 -0700

Ran into a SCSI problem bringing up an NT server.

Components: ABIT BX6 motherboard (Award Bios) running at 66 Mhz, PII 300,
256 MB RAM, Adaptec 2940UW, Quantum Fireball 2.1 W SCSI system disk, Seagate
9 LP UW data disk, Sony 10 MB SCSI CD ROM, 3-COM 10/100 Ethernet card.

Problem: Event 9's copying large amounts of data from CD ROM to either disk.
Been to Adaptec and MS support pages, have the latest drivers. CD ROM keeps
pace with the data transfer for a while, then you hear it retrying until PCI
port 0 times out.

Has anyone seen this problem and resolved it successfully? (We had an IDE CD
ROM plugged in initially and were getting Event 11's as well as Event 9's.
Shutting down the IDE subsystem eradicated the 11's. )

The BX6 could be at fault because it is not on the NT compatible hardware
list, but there is no definitive evidence it is. Would configuring our SCSI
devices in a particular way solve this problem?


Bill Appledorf
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