Re: Personal Web Page Traffic Quota Limiter

Dave McLaughlin ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 05:37:28 +1000

I agree, we use the Media House product for this and many other purposes.
They have an online demo on their website check out


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From: Kurt Butzin <>
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Date: Thursday, 11 June 1998 1:56
Subject: RE: Personal Web Page Traffic Quota Limiter

>Why not use something like Stats server from Media House and bill them
>for the extra bandwidth?
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>From: Rudy Komsic []
>If I limited the Bandwidth for personal webpages (100 MB/month Traffic)
>the Bandwidth limiter will be like 0.02 Kb/s...
>That is why we need an alternative to generate extra Income for