RE: Postoffice 3.5 released

John Davies ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 14:25:43 -0700

Hi Eric,

You might want to look at moving to MailSite:

We have many customers that have moved from Post.Office. We value our customers
and offer very reasonable upgrades.

>The pricing is simply ridiculous. We like Post.Office 3.1.2 very much. But,
>at that sort of price, there is no way we are going to even consider
>upgrading. Most vendors give their customers free, or very low cost,
>upgrades within version types. Apparently doesn't think this
>way, and doesn't care about customer loyalty. This pricing structure will
>drive customers away in droves.
>On the other hand I must admit that the Postoffice E-Mail server works
>>flawlessly since we are using it. Rock solid never had a problem, but the
>>pricing strategy of is becoming a problem for us.
>I'm in full agreement with you. It should have been a free upgrade for 3.x
>customers. Their pricing is leading us to IMail faster than
>would have ever believed.