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Something or someone has a file open in the directory. Did you take a
look at the server manager to see if there are any open pipes to that
directory? I notice that some ATAPI webservers (IIS, O'Reilley, others)
lock files when they're being displayed to a web browser. Good luck...

At 01:29 PM 6/9/98 +1000, Dan Waldron wrote:


<excerpt><smaller>Good mornign everyone, or good afternoon if you may be
there too.


<smaller>I have somehow created a directory (I think it has something to
do with Frontpage) which I can't delete. I can't access the permissions -
all I get is "Access Denied" I can't take ownership for the same reason.
How the hell can I delete this directory? Naturally I'm looged in as
Administrator. Any ideas?





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