Jeff Binkley ( jeff.binkley@asacomp.com )
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 08:18:00 -0500

N>If MS. Reno wins her case I think an appropriate punishment would be
N>for Gates to have to convert all of the NT computers in the world to
N>multi-processors using that wretched uptomp.exe from the resource
N>kit!! I should have known better after previously hosing a couple of
N>other installations, but being a slow learner I tried again yesterday
N>- same result - BSOD and a totally blown installation.

N>It seems that I finally managed to upgrade before by reinstalling NT,
N>then the service pack and hotfixes. If I recall correctly, I had to do
N>something during the installation to cause a screen to appear where I
N>could select the type of computer I was using. I believe I had to hold
N>down a key, but I can't remember what or when. Surprise, but a search
N>of the M$ KB yielded zero. Does anyone know what I am talking about?

Yes, but I've never had a problem myself with it. If NT is so bad and
MS is the big evil, use something else. Government intervention is
seldom a good thing. Just watch the FTC and privacy regulations that
are coming for the Internet. Or what about the largest tax increase in
history which was never voted on but imposed by the FCC under an
executive order. Of course Reed Hundt stepped down before the firestorm
began... Be careful what you wish for...

Jeff Binkley
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