NT domain visibility across subnets, based on DNS only

Radu IONESCU ( iradu@unitbv.ro )
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:32:05 +0300

Hello everybody,

There were several threads related with this topic, including some initiated by me
and never answered, so please excuse me for the redundancy...

It is about a LAN with 5 NT servers on the backbone. Behind 4 of them (zone servers,
as I call them), there are subnets routed via RRAS RIP 2. The main server is PDC,
and the zone servers are BDCs.
The main server runs MS DNS Primary (it runs also MS Proxy 2).
Protocol is TCP/IP only. DNS, No LMHOSTS, no DHCP, no WINS.
The backbone and the subnets have different internal (10.1.x.x) C classes.
The name for DNS domain, NT domain and Win 95 workgroup is the same.


1. Any workstation (Win 95) on a subnet can see (in Netwrk. Neighb.) all 5 servers,
(including the DNS server) and, of course, all its neighbors in the same subnet.
(Routing works fine, everything is ping-able.)
Also, it can connect to any resource available in the whole LAN, by indicating the
proper network path.
But the logged on w/s from another subnets are not visible in Netwrk. Neighb.
Is it possible to have them listed, by using only NetBIOS DNS resolution ?
That is, without all those lmhosts included, or WINS server in each subnet.
What would be a NT 5 oriented solution ?

(this is a routing question, not related with the above:)
2. In the NT servers, I set the RIP interfaces toward backbone as RIP 2 only, multicast,
but I left the interfaces toward the subnets, as default set. Not very detailed in the RRAS
docs. Should I extend (for better...) the setting on both sides of the RRAS router as RIP 2
only, multicast ?

Thank you for any help and best regards,

Radu IONESCU - iradu@unitbv.ro
Systems Manager, University TRANSILVANIA Brasov
Bvd. Eroilor29, 2200 Brasov, Romania
Phone: 40 68 152891, 40 68 124988 (home); Fax: 40 68 144634

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