RE: Cold Fusion and IIS 4.0

Brenda Donovan ( (no email) )
Sat, 30 May 1998 10:27:37 -0700

> 1) User was receiving information via his online form without
> any problems
> until yesterday at 6:00 when all of a sudden he stopped
> receiving messages.
> I've tested it myself and it's true CF display the message indicating the
> form was submitted successfully. But the user gets nothing. I've changed
> the e-mail addresses in the TO field, no success, who knows where is the
> form going?

Which version of CF? and before IIS4 upgrade?

> 2) Anybody clicking on the enroll button in the following link
> can realize what's going
> on. The form
> is there but for some reason just don't want to work, again it
> was working
> as of 2 days ago. I've deleted it, copied it over, recreate it, triple
> checked the code..... still same error. Any suggestions

ODBC drivers? Did you load the ones with IIS4? and then go to the control
panel to see if your entries were still there?

> 3) After upgrading to IIS 4.0 now I can't bring up the Cold Fusion
> Administrator page, when I try to open it IE looks for the address
> and displays the error "could
> not connect
> with server" how do I access the admin form now? What on earth has
> changed?

assuming the /cfdocs and /cfide are off the ./wwwroot

I had to change the shortcut line for the CFADMIN and CFDOCS icons on my
desktop to put in the actual IP of what I have in the default web site
entry in the MMC rather than the localhost one. Someone else said that
adding the with a host header of localhost worked for him. It
didn't for me.

Once I did that I could run the test installation and check out the
install. I had upgraded to CF 3.1.1 at the same time.

> I hope any one out there feels compassionate today as to be able to give
> some help I've done all kinds of things and nothing has worked.
> Thanks in advance.
> Victor