Re: Programming Ascend Max4000 - how?

Philip de Lisle ( )
Fri, 29 May 1998 20:02:15 +0100

At 12:40 29/05/98 -0700, Dale wrote:
>> What cexample? In the Max "bundle"?
>Its a program that can send commands to a MAX. I believe its included
>in their unix radius server distribution. I compiled a copy of it for
>NT a while back.

Any chance of a copy? I just looked at what I received from them and didn't
find it (probably being blind!). It would save me a heap of time :) Pretty

>> Is what a security issue? Doesn't compute (I've had a _very_ long month!)
>I guess I was just trying to "compute" why someone would want their
>RADIUS server to shutdown and kick everyone off. Only thing I could
>think of would be a detection of an intruder or something for security.

Correct, I am paranoid about security :)



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