Re: NT Server

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 May 1998 02:22:43 -0700

Bill Appledorf wrote:
> >I just believe that if it is a "sever" then it needs the extra speed of a
> >SCSI and it also needs the extra working room of the memory.. besides,
> >memory is so cheap now that really 256megs should be min...
> I agree.

I don't completely agree with the SCSI/IDE part. It really depends on what
you are using the server for. For a high-end SQL Server with millions of
transactions a day, you better have a pretty extensive RAID setup. But
is that applicable to a low-traffic web server? I don't think so.

For basic server needs, a PIO4 EIDE harddrive will be more than
sufficient. If you have available memory, the hardware becomes
somewhat moot after caching anyways. I build plenty of SCSI and
IDE systems, and definately prefer SCSI. I'm just saying that
not all servers "need" the extra speed (which in some cases there
isn't any) of a SCSI hard drive.

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