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James C Watts ( (no email) )
Mon, 25 May 1998 21:36:45 -0500

we are interested in things like this, so please keep us up to date.

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> >Does anyone know of any Game servers out there that will auth to RadiusNT
> >and the Emerald db and only alow "our users AND members of our domain" to
> >login and play games. We are trying to find ways to increase or "value
> >add" our ISP, and pull users from the competition.
> >
> >One thought is that if we could provide a game service to ONLY
> be accessed
> >via OUR dial-ups and limited time guests from outside our domain
> as a promo.
> John,
> We have two such games in development: Flabbergasted and The 4th Coming.
> Flabbergasted is loosely based on the board game "Scattergories". It is a
> social type of game played through a Java applet where each player are
> given 40 seconds to provide a word starting by a specific letter of the
> alphabet and falling within a category. Much of the fun happens between
> each round though as people chat and joke about their answers.
> You can see it online our WWW site on some sample pages at
> We're ready to beta test the game with a few ISPs and Online Gaming
> Providers; please email if you're interested.
> >I did look at, but the game they offer
> appears to be
> >"SO" sacriligious that I fear damnation for just looking at it.
> The storyline of "The 4th Coming" has hit a little too close to home and
> we've got a few comments about it. Since the game is still in
> development,
> we've dropped it altogether in favor of a fantasy & magic rich setting.
> For those who are wondering, Vircom has been developing a large graphical
> multi-player online RPG game aimed at Online Gaming Providers and ISPs
> wishing to add content to their business. We've just finished
> updating the
> WWW site - check out
> Of course, we also have more serious products released or in development,
> such as the Proxy & Roaming RADIUS server, VOPMail server and an ISAPI
> authentication filter...
> All these run on Windows NT4 and work well with any RADIUS server or ODBC
> database, such as Emerald's (for example).
> Regards,
> Richard.
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