Re: OT: Game Servers for NT

Richard Lachance ( )
Fri, 22 May 1998 16:30:05 -0400

At 12:13 98-05-13 -0500, you wrote:
>Does anyone know of any Game servers out there that will auth to RadiusNT
>and the Emerald db and only alow "our users AND members of our domain" to
>login and play games. We are trying to find ways to increase or "value
>add" our ISP, and pull users from the competition.
>One thought is that if we could provide a game service to ONLY be accessed
>via OUR dial-ups and limited time guests from outside our domain as a promo.


We have two such games in development: Flabbergasted and The 4th Coming.

Flabbergasted is loosely based on the board game "Scattergories". It is a
social type of game played through a Java applet where each player are
given 40 seconds to provide a word starting by a specific letter of the
alphabet and falling within a category. Much of the fun happens between
each round though as people chat and joke about their answers.

You can see it online our WWW site on some sample pages at

We're ready to beta test the game with a few ISPs and Online Gaming
Providers; please email if you're interested.

>I did look at, but the game they offer appears to be
>"SO" sacriligious that I fear damnation for just looking at it.

The storyline of "The 4th Coming" has hit a little too close to home and
we've got a few comments about it. Since the game is still in development,
we've dropped it altogether in favor of a fantasy & magic rich setting.

For those who are wondering, Vircom has been developing a large graphical
multi-player online RPG game aimed at Online Gaming Providers and ISPs
wishing to add content to their business. We've just finished updating the
WWW site - check out

Of course, we also have more serious products released or in development,
such as the Proxy & Roaming RADIUS server, VOPMail server and an ISAPI
authentication filter...

All these run on Windows NT4 and work well with any RADIUS server or ODBC
database, such as Emerald's (for example).


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