Re: Hip-Hip Netscape Messaging.

Greg Stark ( )
19 May 1998 09:22:19 -0400 (Computer Aide) writes:

> We use Post.Office and you just set max mailbox size = XX and max mail
> message size = xx if you want to limit size of a e-mail message. We set
> our mailbox size to 10MB and mail message size to 6MB.

You should make sure to notify your users of this, and you should make
sure your tech support people know exactly what happens when a mailbox

Just as a data-point, I get about 400-600 legitimate mail messages per
day, and on average they're 2-3k large, so I would be somewhat
generous with your quotas or you stand to burn your most technically
clued customers--the ones who bring in other customers.

Max message parameters, on the other hand, tend to only protect
clueless users from themselves. Large messages will only cause them
headaches when mailers and mail user agents break on them.