Re: Shopping Carts

Dave Daniels ( )
Mon, 18 May 1998 15:26:45 -0700

Hi ,

My name is Dave from Pacific Coast Software. The reason I'm Emailing you
is to see if we can help you with some solutions for your website projects.
I don't know if your familiar with WebCatalog, but it is a very powerful
ecommerce tool. Companies like TITLEST, HUNTER FAN, CLUB MAC and CLUB PC
just to name a few are using our software to run their store front. What
info do you need about WebCatalog to help you determine if this tool will
work for your projects? I look forward to hearing from you. Here is a link
to our site. Try out our free demo

Dave Daniels

>Hi guys,
>Do you have any special recommendations as to what software to use to
>support shopping carts on our customers web sites..?

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