Eric Cowperthwaite ( )
Tue, 12 May 1998 10:17:29 -0700

We use Post.Office 3.x and are very happy with it. In fact
I am the person who recommended and brought it on board. We
have roughly 500 email users and it works quite well. Config
is easy and web based. The server runs very smooth and has
full protection from email relay attacks.

Eric W. Cowperthwaite
Intellinet, Inc.
System Engineer

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From: dk [mailto:dk@DIALNET.CO.UK]
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 1998 9:46 AM
Subject: IMAIL

Anybody out there using IMail by Ipswitch ??

I've not heard much about it but we are thinking of using it in the near

Or indeed any good suggestions for a multi user mail system (around 5000
users) that is not too expensive

Any help would be much appreciated


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