Need help getting a newsrc and news spool on an NT/95 machine

Richard Davey ( )
Wed, 6 May 1998 13:07:51 +0100

Hi everyone,

This is a very strange and unique request. Basically I need an application
that will allow me to download the entire contents of a news group (Usenet/NNTP
based) to my local machine (Win95/NT). The thing is, it HAS to be in the Unix
news spool format. I've not yet found a program that can do it :( All of the
client news-readers use their own formats for storing news, none of which are
compatible with the Unix spool one. Utilities like slurp and slrpull don't
work either, as a last ditch attempt I tried installing DNews on my machine in
order to suck the groups and then try manipulating them locally, but that
didn't work either (no authorisation to suck from the site, only to read from

So I'm really stuck now :( If anyone has ANY ideas then please let me know!



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