Re: (PM) win95 not resolving DNS

Brian A. George ( (no email) )
Mon, 4 May 1998 00:20:20 -0700

It's a classic DNS problem. I could bet a dollar to doughnuts the user had
just typed the DNS numbers in wrong. I see it all the time; they'll read
you the numbers, and they sound right but in all actually he/she had typed
the period in the wrong place or just something dumb. That's why you HAVE
to give the users a printout that shows a nice pretty picture of a completed
DNS screen. :)


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From: James Scott <>
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Date: Monday, May 04, 1998 12:02 AM
Subject: (PM) win95 not resolving DNS

>I have a user that is setup properly but his machine will
>not pull up anyting with a dns name.
>If I have him enter a IP it works perfectly both in the
>browser and doing ping etc...
>but if I have him enter a name such as it
>will not work. I have him
>put in the IP for and it pulls up.
>I have checked and rechecked all settings, reinstalled
>dialup networking and tcp/ip etc..
>but nothings seems to work. He has a Packard Bell system.
>Anyone have some suggestions.
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