NT PDC refuse across subnets

Radu IONESCU ( iradu@unitbv.ro )
Mon, 4 May 1998 00:48:49 +0300

I have setup the following subnetting:

NT PDC-----------------NT S-------------------NT S
RRAS RIP2-------------RRAS RIP2------------------
sebnet1(class C) subnet2(class C)

TCP/IP is the only protocol. All pings are ok.
I'm using lmhosts for NetBIOS resolution; no DHCP, no WINS. One NT domain.

Not able to see the NT domain configuration from node (C), in Network Neighborhood,
also in expanded view when mapping network drives. The domain name appears, but
when trying to expand it, an error says something about no more available connections
on server (A). Everything is ok when trying from node (B).
Mapping network drives from C, on A or B is possible only by indicating network path.

Next step will be: (A) as proxy, and (B) as BDC, but things should work before, in the above

Thank you in advance for any hint !
Best regards,

Radu IONESCU - iradu@unitbv.ro
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