RE: metainfo and DNS question

Christian Schmit ( )
Sun, 03 May 1998 18:06:46 +0200


I can only second this. Use bind from, it's free.
We also run MS DNS before and we had a lot of problems. We switched
over to bind and from this time we never had any DNS problems.


At 01:35 AM 5/4/98 +1000, you wrote:
>> initially we used Microsoft DNS service. When that became troublesome
>> we switched to metainfo 2.x. That was immediately troublesome,
>> which is when we switched to Bind. I don't really know anything about
>> metainfo 3.x. I know that Bind if very stable and many people besides
>> myself recommend it.
>I have never used MS DNS, only heard bad things about it. I have never paid
>money to anyone for a DNS, why would you. Bind works simply and reliably
>all there is to it.
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