FS: ISP Equipment

Steve Spesard ( steves@webaccess.net )
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 16:02:25 -0600

I have the following equipment for sale. Due to recent upgrades

1 Cisco 2501 IOS 11.1(10) 8MB Flash 2MB RAM $1000.00

4 Livingston PM2E30s 4MB RAM $850.00 Each

7 Microcom HDMS Plus Chassis
Each with
T-1 CSU (2 units have external Tylink CSU other are internal to
24 HD Fast Modems 33.6 (12 cards 2 modems/card)
12 T-1 Backplanes
Management Controller 4 units have Primary controller
3 units have secondary controller
Management via direct connect serial cable, telnet, or SNMP
Serial Cables
management daisy chain cable included with secondary controller units

I have two sets of docs.

Units came with a 5 year warranty. Approx. 2.3 years left.

Data sheet: www.microcom.com/ProductsTech/centralsite/hdms/hdms.htm

Make Offer - Willing to make a deal

Extra parts for Microcom HDMS Plus
1 Chassis
1 Primary Controller
8 Modem cards (16 modems)
4 Analog Backplanes

Make Offer or buy the Microcom lot and get the parts thrown in!!!!

Terms: COD Cashiers check or Credit card


Steve Spesard