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Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:12:00 +1000

TO: DATE: 27-04-98
TIME: 09:13
SUBJECT: Mail failure

[002] Mail was received that was addressed to unknown addresses.
Mail item was not delivered to:


The ActiveX SDK for IE contains documentation on that process. Its not
available via download (that I'm aware of). The SDK comes with the MSDN

Hope this helps,
Kevin Seyer
Dolphin Communications Inc.
Dallas, TX

At 11:16 AM 4/25/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I've given what, I think, is a reasonably complete search for a direct, step
>by step set of instructions for code signing. Verisign points to M$ which
>points to a 200+ meg SDK download. I believe all of the tools are on the
>IEAK, but I can't locate the instructions.
>Can anyone help this poor old boy?
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