Re: byte-accounting on customer side

Juergen Weiss ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 18:43:02 +0200

Indeed there are lots of tools, but it seems (form description) that they
all do time-accounting and not byte-accounting. Do you know if one of the=
can do bytes?

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Betreff: RE: byte-accounting on customer side

>There's boatloads of monitoring tools for that type of thing. Try
>pointing them at and have them look in the
>DUN/Network tools.
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>Subject: byte-accounting on customer side
>Anybody knows about a freeware/shareware tool to make byte accounting
>with Win95 DUN or NT RAS?
>Some of my customers like to know how many bytes they "used" within one
>month through their dialup-connection to me.
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