help with GTE and channelized T1 line

Barry at Mint City Internet ( )
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 10:04:00 -0400

Hi all,

I need some help decoding the GTE T1/PRI order request. We called and asked
for Trunk side channelized T1 line to be installed for our new modems. They
sent a form with some stuff that we need to complete and send back.
Anyways, can anybody help answer these for me?

1. B8ZS or AMI (the B8ZS has an asterisk next to it)

2. ESF or Sf (ESF has Asterisk next to it)

3. Line side or trunk side - I picked Trunk side

4. Loop start/ Ground start/ E&M Wink/ E&M Immediate--Choose one only

5. One way or Two way

6 DTMF or dial Pulse- I pick DTMF

7. Direct Connection-

8. Number of digits sent-

We do not have PRI available in our area so T1 is the only way to go. We
will be terminating this into a Hayes 56k modem rack.

Thanks for any help,

Barry Buchholz CSM
Network Administrator

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