FS:Modem Racks/PM2s

Steve Spesard ( steves@webaccess.net )
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:59:55 -0600

4 Livingston PM2E30s 4MB RAM $1000.00 Each

7 Microcom HDMS Plus Chassis
Each with
T-1 CSU (2 units have external Tylink CSU other are internal to
24 HD Fast Modems 33.6 (12 cards 2 modems/card)
12 T-1 Backplanes
Management Controller 4 units have Primary controller
3 units have secondary controller
Management via direct connect serial cable, telnet, or SNMP
Serial Cables
management daisy chain cable included with secondary controller units

I have two sets of docs.

Make Offer

Extra parts for Microcom HDMS Plus
1 Chassis
1 Primary Controller
8 Modem cards (16 modems)
4 Analog Backplanes

Make Offer or buy the lot and get the parts thrown in!!!!

All units are in good working condition. We have simply upgraded to 56K
at most of our sites. The HDMS plus chassis have a 5 yr manufacturer
warranty. We have had the equipment for about 2.5 years. Terms are COD
cashiers check or credit card, buyer pays shipping. Reasonable offers
will be accepted.

Steve Spesard