Re: Remote Emerald

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 11:08:22 -0700

Richard Sensale wrote:
> I am trying to run emerald remotely from my ISDN connection at home, I have
> installed ODBC and the SQL client on the machine it is running on. I need
> to use TCP/IP to connect to the emerald sql server. I cannot seem to get
> emerald to connect to the server. Is there anything else I need to do on
> the remote end or the server end? Protocols, bindings, login permissions
> etc?

You will either connect using NETBIOS (over TCP/IP) or TCP/IP directly
through SQL Server. If you have TCP/IP support installed for SQL
Server (if you don't know, then you probably don't, since it is not
a default, and is NOT the same as just installing TCP/IP on NT) then
you can use the SQL Client Config Utility to define a definition to
the SQL Server using TCP/IP and the machine's IP.

The other choice is to use Named Pipes and NBT. This requires that
you either have a WINS server or enter the SQL Server into your
LMHOSTS file. In either choice you still have to have credentials
(a username/password) that the NT machine knows. If you are running
95/98 then that means you have to log into 95/98 with a username

I'd recommend skimming the client section of the Admin Companion
(I believe its Chapters 4-5) as it details how to setup the different
client protocols.

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