RE: Anyone succeded using ip port forwardingy

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 10:53:37 -0700

Dear List,
You can stick T-1 cards in a Linux box. Linux Journal ran an article on how
to do this a few months card. The manufacture of the card was Sangoma
( This allows for full use of Linux routing and
firewall tools. A T-1 is a PPP device so your setup would basically be the
same as a modem connection (firewall wise.)
A good book on firewalls if "Building Internet Firewalls" published by
O'Reilly & Associates, but you guy probably already knew that. Also the
HOWTO's are VERY help full.
There is also a Debian package for IP accounting.....I forget what it's
called though.

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On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Allen Ahoffman wrote:

> Along these lines I want to know if a fully filled T1 can be routed thru
> Linux box todo IP accounting, e.g. how many megs for each ip in each
> direction.
> And, then after that, can it be setup to allow 2 machines to back one
> another up so if one goes down, little or no routing problems arise.

To route throug a linux box(a), that box(a) must support
ip-forwarding/firewalling(for acounting) to start.
then the box a must have 2 interfaces, one of the incomming T1(wow!)
and the other for connect to the rest of the boxes.

Now the rest of the boxes must use as the gateway box a. ( not T1
interface IP).

The later configure the firewalling/masquerading/acounting of the box
a to do what you want/need...
a back-up box ? Mmmm

Dont know how to implement that, but
May be another box(b) has it own IP and constantly pinging box(a) and
when box(a) does not respond configures an alias for box(a) interface
and the route to act as it was box(a).

Dont know how to do-it! :( anyone did it?

Carlos Barros.

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