Why Me Why Me Why Me

John Lange ( radadmin@palacenet.net )
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 22:18:08 -0500


I am in a rather Glib Mood tonight, but have a real question.

During the course of the day I work with 2 different workstations. A P166
and a PII 333. The first with Win95 and the second with Win98{yuch}.

Here's the story:

We have Emerald 2.2.38 Installed on about 8 computers here. Staff on 6 and
Me on My 2.

On my 2 Computers "EVERY" time I open an MBR It Automatically opens the
first Sub Account to the "General Tab".

I can go to EVERY other computer on our network and this doesn't happen. I
can try, the user can try and it doesn't happen. They walk over to my
computers and wala it happens.

I admit that sometimes this is handy, but this is the end of our billing
period so we get the usual pile of "why can't I get on" calls, so the first
place I want to check is the "Billing Tab".

Dale, can't you make it so that from the 16th of the month to the 20th it
will Auto Open the "Billing Tab" and on all other days open the sub account???


I still wonder what is different about the way Emerald works on MY computers.

JOhn :}

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