application errors

Michael Bradley ( )
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:06:17 -0700


Thanks for clueing me in on the fix for the Account tab not displaying.
That problem is fixed.

Now for the next one. As per your advice I downloaded and installed
2.2.23 on the other machine (where the tab display problem wasn't
occurring), ran the updttabs.sql and instproc.sql scripts as per the
readme. Now most of the reports work great (only using the ones from
the CR50 directory) but some of the reports (I want to be able to use
the usercalls.rpt specifically) cause Emerald to crash and trying to add
a user causes an "Error 380: Invalid Property Value". Also, trying to
access some of the tabs in the Config Database part of Emerald Admin
causes "Runtime Errors" and crashes the program.

I would have searched the list archives before bugging you, but it looks
like your search index is down.

Michael Bradley