Re: Emerald Admin: Billing Cycles

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 23:22:38 -0700

This isn't really a RadiusNT issue is it? This should be on the
Emerald Mailing list. Please use it for followups. I really try to
keep Emerald specific issues on the Emerald list, since we have
RadiusNT customers on this list who don't use Emerald.

Glen Harvy wrote:
> By way of background, I charge my customers on the 15th Monthly and have
> done so for years. If someone joins up in between dates then I make an
> appropriate adjustment to their hours and/or charge.

Do you bill on the 15th for the 15th-15th or on the 15th for the

> I thought I had everything properly configured however when I ran call
> consolidation, all the call details prior to August 1st was deleted from
> the CALLS table.

This sounds like an Emerlad 2.1 issue. If you use Emerald 2.2, the
consolidation will correctly align on the expiration date.

> I presume that I didn't setup Emerald properly in that the billing cycle
> should have been "anniversary" rather than "monthly" (I got that
> information from the Database Schema). On trying to check this, when I try
> to click on the tab I get:

Billing cycles are NOT implemented in Emerald 2.2 and lower. Ignore the
tab in the Admin.

> The problem I now have is that the call data from 15th July to 1st August
> has "disappeared"! Is there anyway I can get extract this data?

Not unless you have a backup.

> The documentation infers that a users call data is saved in the users own
> database. Is this correct? If it is, I could run Call Consolidation daily
> and allow my users access to their own database.

I don't follow the above, and if it is in the docs, its wrong. There
is now users database. There is a CallHistory Table that shows summary
information for prior usage.

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